CSC ACADEMY weekend with Michael Gaines
Great weekend focussed on Visual Design and HOW to run a visual rehearsal

On 27 and 28 October 2012 CSC organized a weekend full of workshops and master classes focussed on VISUAL. Special guest star of the event was arguably the best show designer in the world Michael Gaines from the USA.

Michael was the Show Designer for the Cavaliers from 1998 till 2011 and he won 7 DCI titles with them but also he is the designer for The Pride of Cincinatti and both the Aimachi Winterguard and the Aimachi Indoor Percussion from Japan. All these units made top 5 in the WGI competition. Numerous Marching Bands won titles with their shows written by Michael. This weekend was empowered by Pyware, KNFM and Color Guard Netherlands.

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