Great Succes in Denmark for Brovst Pigegarde

The Brovst Pigegarde from Brovst Denmark have achieved a fourth place overall at the Danish National Championships. This famous All Girl Band was one of the few bands that dared to bring an a complete new show to the field where many bands brought adjusted shows from two years ago. With their show B-Rhapsody (the music of Queen) they gained a lot of respect from their competitors, audience and judges.

Only one and a half year ago the first meetings took place to start this challenging project both for the band as well for CSC. The band wanted to bring a show to the field that would amaze everybody. Brovst wanted to show development based on what they have seen on their international trips.

Director Jette Nielsen was very pleased by the results. It was a challenge but it all paid off. The girls were very proud on what they've achieved. Everybody is talking about our show and the judges complimented us on our development. The band took even top honors on the music repertoire caption.

We congratulate Brovst Pigegarde with this result and salute them. They were not afraid of the challenge and pulled it all off.

05 07 2011

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